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2009-05-18 06:45 pm

✎ back where i started out.

Whenever I click on Dreamwidth in my bookmark bar and see the little icon, all I think of is Italy's hair curl :')

I honestly have nothing to post here. I want to, but I post everything I want to on LJ and then I'm journaled out, rofl. I think it's rather pointless to crosspost here because all of you are over there too and would likely see the same thing twice. I don't have an isolated reason to use this journal that's separate from LJ purposes either; I had an apps journal for a bit at [inksome.com profile] pacific which died a horrible death, and all my random stuff goes straight to [livejournal.com profile] fugues |D Isn't this a wonderful use of an invite code~

Since I'm here, I might as well say HEY THERE, HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING TODAY? Talk to me, tell me whatever you want! ♥
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2009-05-02 11:24 pm

✎ red as strawberries in the summertime.


first entry is first lol. If I know you from another website (read; lj), by all means just add me. If not, say hi here first! If we share at least one thing in common, I'll be happy to add :)